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Divonne, a city on a human scale where life is good...

Both a spa resort and a tourist site, Divonne can be proud to offer a real living environment to its inhabitants, more and more of whom choose to live there each year. Its proximity to GENEVA makes it one of the places favored by an international population, which seeks an environment close to nature and infrastructure, adapted to their family life.

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 Divonne, a city where life is good

Divonne, a city where life is good

Lively, this small town has managed to retain its family atmosphere while gaining in dynamism. Several establishments and districts of the city have also been developed in recent years for example, the Maison de la Santé, the Gare district and the village of associations.

In terms of transport, several bus lines allow you to easily reach the different districts of the city, as well as the neighboring towns (Grilly, Chens-sur-Léman, etc.). Ideal for coming and settling in with the family, Divonne-les-Bains has 4 schools and a college.

For decades, Divonne-les-Bains has also been talked about through its spa resort. Known for its purity, the city's water is rich in fluoride, calcium and magnesium, which provides it with many benefits. City of history, but also of culture, various places of entertainment are available to the people of Divon: cinema, theater, equestrian center, casino, etc.